As B&H Group has grown over the years, so has it's influences, experience and budgets, as is reflected in its reputation for conceiving and creating beautiful and original interiors with a keen attention to detail and a unique and singular design. In 2007 Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar was designed on a shoe-string budget; this time the gloves are off, and the quality of finish, materials and furnishings are second to none.


The new design is a firm departure from the former retro aesthetic, whilst retaining much of the original layout. The leather banquettes that lined the walls have been rebuilt and upholstered in delicate coral silk and finely woven cream wool, buttoned in bright florals. The marbled bar is expertly echoed on a smattering of table tops, interspersed amongst live edged oak, black glass and piano finish gloss. The chairs are all individually sourced antiques, brought up to date with bold primary colours and exotic prints from as far afield as Asia and South America. Uniting the elaborate aesthetic is the rich pink and warm white, hand painted fabric wallpaper, and the original parquet flooring, restored to its former simple beauty.


The pink trend is carried through into the bathrooms, which have been bathed in natural light thanks to a new skylight. The pale pink walls are complemented by rich copper fittings and deep green Moroccan tiles. The main room has been similarly given access to natural light by enlarging the original shopfront window, allowing guests to see out onto street level and welcoming enquiring eyes from the pavement above. 

Living up to its reputation Bourne & Hollingsworth has once again succeeded in creating an entirely original and beautiful interior, at once comfortable and imposing. The new look bar offers the perfect space for after work drinks and special nights out, retaining the group’s excellent service and mouth-watering cocktails in a stunning and modern backdrop.