The B&H Menu is, like the space, a little bit different. Focusing on the variety of personal styles of our guests, we’ve curated a selection of delightful libations tailored to a wide range of palates, fitted to your mood and personality better than Cinderella’s glass slipper.


Belle Epoque £10

Uplifting elegant eloquence, luxury flirtations bubbling over decadent effervescent excitement.

vodka – pomegranate syrup – raspberry – bubbles

Rebourne Revisited £9

Olde worlde B&H nostalgia re-born, refreshed joie de vivre, young reminiscence, evergreen again.

gin – lime – elderflower – Sicilian lemonade

Mic Drop £9.5

Laughter, life and love it so; the sweetheart fun-filled feeling of a 10p mix-up.

vodka – lemon – pear drop syrup - soda

Black Pearl £10.5

This is where the rum went from the stormy tropical piratical party, swinging around the beach in a stolen hat like Captain Jack, or Elizabeth.

rum – lime – black tea syrup – raspberry – ginger beer

Deco £10

Slip into the slinky pop-culture art nouveau LBD where black is the new noir all night long.

vodka – coffee liqueur – dry chocolate - espresso

Welcome to Tijuana £10

Hot Latino nights and fiery sexy escape, dancing salsa soul of the Mayan Mexican spice trail.

tequila – lime – honey – basil – bitters – ginger beer – chilli chocolate

iZombie £21

Second chances raise the spirits to walk again in the flaming heart of we do sharing voodoo…

Zombie mix – citrus – cordial – peach – absinthe - bitters

Mask of Zorro £12

During Prohibition they said all is not what it seems, sub-street dreams, hidden faces, places, books and their covers hiding in plain sight from dusk until dawn.

mezcal – 30&40 aperitif – blood orange liqueur – bitters - cider


WINE & SPARKLING                            125ml / Bottle

Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc                       £5.5 / £30

Two Birds One Stone                            £5.5 / £30

Picpoul de Pinet                                   £6 / £35

Carignan                                                £6 / 35


Bouvet, NV                                             Glass £8

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée, France           £11 / £65

Laurent-Perrier Rosé, France                    £110

Veuve Cliquot NV France                         £85


Life’s a Beach £9

If you like sand between your toes and the slower pace of life, getting caught with no shoes and big flavours in sun-kissed smiles.

light rum – lime – pineapple - mint

Huckleberry Finn £10

Looz-iana laissez-faire, languid jazz and good ol’ boys and gals drift-drawl-rafting through N’awlins, Kentucky woody deep blues.

bourbon – apricot liqueur – mint – lemon

Love Potion No. 9 £11

Full moon mystery bewitches and enchants by black cat streetlight, wrapped in a puzzle box, bursting with subtle rhythm.

cognac – spices – drambuie – blackberry shrub - bubbles

Regatta Fizz £10

Dressed to impress the best of the lawn-loving royal Ascot hat they-never-did’s, with boat shoes for boat drinks, by the green blue don’t-you-know the Hampshire Smythes

gin – lemon – strawberry – egg white – soda

Amber £9

Soft warming autumn apothecary’s spices drift through the rustic afternoon, lazy slow sun mulled large weathered stones.

zubrowka vodka – vanilla liqueur – ginger cordial – lemon – apple

Tiffany £10

Just so Audrey, peeking over socialite lenses at the hoi polloi of the Savoy or Ritz in debutante Paris, London or NY scene

cassis – apple – honey – lemon - bubbles

Monte Carlo £10

Sunshine-speeding along Riviera breeze St Tropez way, top down stop off shady café bourgeoisie, moi? 

aperol – lemongrass jasmine syrup – grapefruit – lemon - bubbles

Smokey Monkey £10.5

From nowhere, in the dark trees around the campfire lit, all grand-father voice and spell-binding story, being lost in the woods or never there?

smokey monkey shoulder – amaro – cherry liqueur – dry vermouth - bitters

Re-Fashioned £11

Jet-set steampunks drive electric Bentleys, sending postcards via Skype in a nu-cool old skool trad-mod mad-men world.

whisk(e)y or mezcal or rum – brown sugar – bitters



Curious Brew Draft Lager                £5.5

Curious Brew Lager Bottle             £5

Curious IPA Bottle                           £5

Curious Apple Cider Bottle            £5



Nuts / Olives                                    £4