The B&H Menu is, like the space, a little bit different. Focusing on the variety of personal styles of our guests, we’ve curated a selection of delightful libations tailored to a wide range of palates, fitted to your mood and personality better than Cinderella’s glass slipper.

The current menu takes a comic look at the impending departure from the European Union.  While we agree that politics should be off the agenda for a fun good time little bar, we want EU to join us for a cocktail or two. Having a creative multi-cultural and multi-national team behind the bar we wanted to celebrate culture and diverse flavours with a nod to the countries that make up the EU.

Feel free to go off piste, order classic drinks, or ask for a recommendation from our bartenders.  Please let our bartenders know if you have any intolerances so you can ensure a safe and bespoke drink.


Gatsby                               Coupette                             10          

Lanique rose petal vodka – homemade strawberry coulis - bubbles

Rebourne                            Highball                               9

Beefeater London dry gin – lemon – raspberry orgeat - lemonade

Spritzrovia                          Wine                                   9

Aperol – Solerno blood orange – Cynar – peach tea and lemongrass syrup grapefruit – lemon - soda

Revolver                              Rocks                                  10

Four Roses original bourbon – Wild Turkey rye whiskey – Lillet Blanc - Campari

Three Amigos                      Rocks                                    9

El Jimador reposado tequila – homemade chilli spiced syrup – lime

 Disco Sour                         Highball                                10
BarSol Pisco – lemon – house bitters – hibiscus syrup – free-range egg white


Voodoo Zombie                 Pineapple                                22

House rum blend – orange – pineapple – lime - fire

Old Fashioneds                Rocks

Our house batched Old Fashioned cocktails are each tailored and perfectly balanced with specially selected bitters, citrus peels and unrefined sugars

Old              Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon                      10

Eire             Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey                    11

Malt             Macallan Gold Single Malt Scotch Whisky         11

Summer        Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin                       12

Mexico          Herradura Reposado 100% agave tequila          11

Aztec           QuiQuiriQui Matatlan Espadin Mezcal               12

Rum             Santa Teresa 1796 Venezuelan rum                    12

Smokey       Smokey Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky           11


Rockstar Martini              Coupette                              9

Wyborowa vodka – pineapple – orange – Licor 43 – lime

VIP Pass                          Shot glass                            4

Peach Rum chaser

 Kirabelle                         Flute                                   10

Chambord black raspberry liqueur – 30 & 40 Normandie Aperitif - bubbles

Casino Royale                   Coupette                             9.5

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish whiskey – Mr Black coffee liqueur - espresso

Boys & Girls                      Coupette                              10

Hendrick’s gin – lemon – pomegranate syrup – free-range egg white

Capt. Summers                  Rocks                                  11.5
Merlet Brother’s Blend cognac – lemon – peach liqueur – Charteuse Vert – free-range egg white


Fun & Games

Clued’Up                             Rocks                                9.5

QuiQuiriQui mezcal – dry vermouth – Benedictine – Charitea maté

Crystal Maize                      Rocks                                10

Yaguara cachaça – cherry liqueur – lime – homemade sweetcorn purée

Hopscotch                           Tin                                    12

Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky – coconut rum – Pelinkovac – lemon – mint – coconut water

Tongue Twister                   Highball                                9

Wyborowa vodka – peach liqueur – lemon – homemade watermelon lemonade

Rummy                               Coupette                             9

Santa Teresa Claro rum – Plantation Pineapple rum – lime – banana & plum reduction - bitters

Trivial Pursuits                    Flute                                   9
Beefeater gin – pineapple & grapefruit tea syrup – lemon – grapefruit - bubbles